Our Founder

This is Adetayo Mubaraqah Abdulrahim Adeleke, the beautiful brain behind @abitopbeauties_ She is a Linguist, a henna artist, a bead maker, a spa artist, a jewelry vendor, Hausa mats and turaren wuta plug.

Adetayo Mubaraqah

Founder & CEO

Who We Are

AbitopBeauties is into the business of making gorgeous beads (neckpieces, bracelets, waist beads, unisex bracelets, anklets), henna designing, sugar waxing (Halawa), skin polishing (gyaran jiki), facial masks and scrubs, After birth care, distinct jewelries, Turaren wuta and unique Hausa mats. All are very affordable.

Other services include:


Our Spa session includes body waxing and polishing which goes together. The waxing removes the dead skin cells, the hair and makes the pores ready for polishing while the polishing gives the skin a fresh, smooth and glowing look without changing the skin colour. It doesn't bleach, it gives a natural glow (when dead skin cells are removed the right way, your skin breathes and becomes the best version of itself which mostly give a beautiful effect). Both makes your skin ready for any treatment or product and make it look like that of a baby.


Dukhan smoke bath/smoking is really beneficial to the body. It prevents and cures infection, tightens the vagina, improves the menstrual cycle, heals the womb, makes sex more juicy, detoxifies, help to increase fertility, speeds recovery after birth and gives the body a sweet scent.
NOTE: It has no jazz/charm, it is highly medicinal.


Turaren Wuta, as it is commonly referred to in Hausa Parlance, is an incense locally made from a variety of materials. It is used deodorising or freshening the environment.


Our after birth care includes 4, 3 or 2 stages. These stages tighten the vagina, removes the dead cells caused by pregnancy, brightens the dark color, cures and prevents possible infections and gives the whole body a sweet and fresh look.